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Work With the Poor

Social Ministries

Dear brothers and sisters in the CFCFFL community:

Again, it is time of the year when we try to help the poor school children in our beloved country through our School Supplies Project. Stores are teeming with cheap and good school supplies that will greatly benefit the children in the Philippines. I have contacted the brethren at the CFCFFL office in Manila to get some ideas where our help will be appreciated and make greater difference in their lives.

Brother Bonjibob gave a list of projects currently in effect called FLESH (bringing Christ in the flesh). Two of these list our school supplies as part.

1. Child and Development (Usapang Kabataan - UK and Youth Camps for the youth and Usapang Bata - they give part of the school supplies we send as giveaways to those attending.

2. In cooperation with the Education ministry, they continue the BATA (Biyayang Aral Tanging Alay) - preschool classes at their villages. Much of the school supplies we send go to these pupils.

I did this investigation to appease some doubts from some members that our project is not useful. So, here I am again to ask for your help for contributions towards the purchase of school supplies we can ship to those children. I also would like for your understanding and spirit of generosity if we can raise our contributions more than $5.00 so that we can purchase more in quantity and better quality school items. Each chapter has a WWP coordinator. I ask that the coordinators, either collect the money or school items if they want to buy them themselves. We will collect them when you call us. The HFL Core Group appreciates and thank you! Best store to buy if you decide to do so is WALMART. Hope to hear from you. GOD BLESS US ALL IN OUR MISSION. Sis Cora

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