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Some of you are not active in social media. Hence you might not get our community updates in real time. 

Anyway, just wanted to inform you that our first LCSC for the year is just less than 2weeks away. The Life in Christ Seminar (LCS) that we will conduct at St. Stephen's Parish in Des Plaines is exclusively for Youths only.

Below is our LCSC flyer printed again today April 9th, in their Sunday bulletin.

According to Fr. Ronald, maybe 100 of their youth will be able to attend (hopefully close to it). He will give us an accurate number as the LCS draws nearer.

Also, this might well be the very first All-Youth LCSC here in the USA. Once this seminar is done, we can definitely leverage its success and "sell" the idea again to the rest of the Parishes not only in Chicago but to the rest of the nation. So in a way this seminar is a bit crucial.

We will be inspiring and empowering these young adults in this LCS so we foresee already the spiritual battle that lies ahead. We are asking everyone to please really pray for the success of this seminar.

Pray for the service team, the speakers, the sharers and most especially the participants. Again please include this petition in your household prayer meetings and personal prayer time.

Isaiah 49:6 "...I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth".

God bless,
bro barber

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