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Praise God!!! It's official we will be having
LCSC at St. Bartholomew Parish in Chicago on June 24, July 01 & July 08 2017.
We presented to Fr. Ricardo Castillo a couple of months ago, followed him up today and pinned down the dates for this LCS (for adults).
Deacon Emmanuel Fuentes who will be our go-to guy. Also in pic with Fr. Ricardo is our MPC member bro Sam Popovich who is their parishioner.
Please include in your prayers

Live Christ Share Christ - Youth
St. Stephen Protomartyr Parish - Gymnasium
Des Plaines, Illinois
April 22, 28 and May 6 2017

2016 Regional Echo Conference!!!
St. Zacary Church - Gymnasium
October 8, 2016

Congratulations to the Coordinators and Organizing Committee of our
Work With the Poor - Luau Fundraising Event for doing a tremendous job at our party last night.
From the decorations, to the food, presentations, music, camaraderie, fellowship and most especially to the funds that we have generated from the affair to help our less fotunate brothers & sisters in the Philippines.
To all those who went last night or not but have donated to our cause. more info.....

some of our YFL & SFL Illinois proclaiming to Live Pure after the Love Forum and Chastity Forum conducted early this month by Xavier Padilla and Sabrina Gasgonia at St. Stephens Catholic School in Des Plaines.. #livepuremovement

Live Pure Planning has begun!!
Praise God! Yes! Fr Herb, Pastor of St Francis okayed to bring Live Pure to the Parish. Lu, myself , Pete & Joy Tesoro will be scheduling a meeting with Patty Hurst of the Youth Group !Board.

LCSC Pillars Training with Bro. Xavier Padilla and Sis. Sabrina Gasgonia at St. Francis of Assisi in Bolingbrook, Illinois

AUGUST 14, 2016 -
Menchie Donato, Full time pastoral worker from the Philippines on her teaching "HEART OF MERCY" (CORAZON DE MISERICORDIA) to CFC-HFL Illinois.


Heavenly Father, you are the Creator and we are all your children. Make us truly one. Protect us from the division in families, in communities, in the Church and in the world.

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Savior who died for us and saved us. Now as your disciples, you send us forth to proclaim the good news of salvation in you throughout the world. May we be worthy witnesses. Show us the way to self-denial, embrace of the cross, and following you. Raise among us true servant leaders who have a passion for souls.

Holy Spirit, you are the agent of evangelization who sends us to engage in spiritual warfare. Equip us with the armor of God and weapons of righteousness. Help us to preserve unity in the Spirit through the bond of peace. May we stand together as your holy warriors.

Triune God, you are three Persons in one God. In you we have one baptism, one faith, one hope. We are one body. Help us to truly become united in mind and heart, in vision and mission, to be one with the Father through the Son and in the Spirit.

Mama Mary, you are our beloved Mother. We are your offspring who strive to keep Godís commands, bear witness to Jesus, and wage war in the Spirit against the enemy. Cover us with your mantle of protection, keeping us in your loving embrace always.

The Live Christ, Share Christ Movement

Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life
Consecration to our Blessed Mother Mary

We kneel before you, as you yourself sit at the throne room of God, beside our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, your Son. You more than anyone else embody the pure love for our Lord Jesus that we all desire to have, as you bore him in your womb, gave birth to him, raised him, suffered with him through the cross, and finally witnessed his resurrection. You are the one whose soul perfectly proclaims the greatness of the Lord, whose spirit perfectly rejoices in God our Savior. You are the one we and all ages will call blessed.

You are the highly favored one, and the Lord is truly with you. We thus look to you to be our mediatrix, as we continue on our journey in the world, proclaiming your Son Jesus and bringing his good news of salvation to all. We recognize our weakness and sinfulness, and that apart from the power of Godís Spirit we can do nothing.

Dear Mother Mary, you are our inspiration for the strengthening of families and the promotion of the culture of life. Pray and intercede for us always, that we may remain faithful to our covenant, steadfast in our work, persevering despite trials and crosses, and always mindful of the call to holiness and discipleship. You who are holy and you who are the most faithful disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, keep us in your loving embrace always.

We consecrate ourselves, our families and our work to you. Bless us, dear Mother, and journey with us, as we continue to journey with your beloved Son Jesus. You are our mother, and we are your children, now and forever. Amen.

Hail Mary Ö

Gala Night!

Posted by Luciano G Coson on Saturday, July 11, 2015

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