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Gideon 300


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peace in Jesus Christ our Lord!

We live in very exciting and challenging times. The tsunami of evil threatens to engulf the whole world. In this, the US government is complicit, pushing its reproductive health and gender ideologies especially on the developing nations. What happens in the USA affects the whole world, for better or for worse. Thus your work in your nation is crucial.

It is in this situation that God has raised CFC-FFL, and there is much work to be done. There are many opportunities, especially with the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement. We are already seeing how this can be truly massive work, intended to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization and to revive and strengthen
our Church through the parishes.

CFC-FFL through LCSC can reach every state, and also do mission in Latin America and the West Indies, which are both under your sphere of influence. CFC-FFL is a missionary community, and here is your opportunity to do extensive mission. But what holds us back is money. This is truly unfortunate, that God's great work is hampered by money, especially when it would not take much from our brethren to raise the mission funds needed, and more.

Consider this: (1) For Gideon 300 we are looking for only 300 brethren who would give $50 per month; (2) For everyone else we are looking at the states to contribute only $8.33 per month to the Mission Fund.

But consider how much that adds up to.

300 x $50 = $15,000 per month x 12 = $180,000 per year

5,000 (adult members in the USA including young adults) x $100 per year = $500,000 per year

$180,000 + $500,000 = $680,000 per year.

Our current expenses, admittedly constrained due to lack of funds, is only about $250,000 per year. It is a shame that we could not do more service to God due to such lack. The harvest is rich, but the money from the laborers is little. Now we surely can find 300 out of our over 5,000 adult members who can afford to commit $50 per month, can we not? And everyone else can surely afford $8.33 per month, the price of one modest meal, or only a fraction of the hourly wage, for our work, can they not? (N.B., quite a few brethren give so much more
per month; this is not to suggest that they should cut back on their giving; the different areas/states have their expenses as well for their own life and mission.).

So if we grow our mission fund (excluding expenses of individual areas) from $250,000 to $680,000 per year, what might that mean?

* We can hire more fulltimers. We need fulltimers for Live Pure, for Hispanic mission and for state/region LCSC Coordinators, to be able to move our massive evangelization forward.

* We can send full-time missionaries to Latin America. The opportunities there for evangelization are very vast. If only we could have even just one Latino fulltimer per country, we would see a tremendous growth in our mission there.

* We can look at mission to the West Indies.

The times are urgent and critical. For example, there are vast opportunities for our Hispanic mission in the USA through LCSC (VCCC in Spanish), but Hispanics are being lost to the world, to sects and even to cults (this is also what is happening to Latinos in Latin America). Given that Hispanics will be a sizeable percentage of the population in the USA and of the Church, we need to reach them now and keep them in the Catholic Church. If we had the manpower and the money, the harvest will be staggeringly large.

Brethren, I appeal for your generosity. While the prescription for financial stewardship is a tithe (that is, 10%), I am not even asking that. But not to give even just $8.33 a month, that certainly would already be very displeasing to the Lord. And since it impacts on our mission to the extent that there will be lost opportunities that the Lord is already giving us, then it can become a great sin of omission.

Please join hands with me. Please close ranks with us. CFC-FFL can move on to a whole new and higher level in our life and mission. Let us not hold it back by holding back on our financial support.

Please discuss this in your households, agree to give your financial contribution regularly each month, and remind each other every month. The different areas/states should take responsibility for remitting the equivalent of $8.33 per month per adult member (including young adults) to the national mission fund.

Onward to the New Evangelization. God bless you all.

Frank Padilla

"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

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